Content Marketing the IBM Way

This article on the Contently blog is an excellent in-depth look at how IBM uses content to promote their brand.

Ann Rubin, IBM’s VP of branded content and global creative, explains:

“We know IBM is a very complex and technical company. Yet, although what we sell is complicated, we try to talk about it in a very simple way.”

IBM are publishing an average of 3 videos a week, and 45 employees run their own blogs. They have 400,000 Facebook followers, 120,000 Twitter followers, and a YouTube channel with over 40,000 subscribers.

They are very careful to avoid just talking about themselves. For instance, a recent video campaign called "Made With IBM" focused on how the technology translated to success for a number of customers. It was an opportunity for storytelling which gained over six figure viewing stats on YouTube.

The ultimate mark of achievement for IBM's content strategy came when their branded blog for SME businesses,  'Midsize Insider' was promoted on Google News as a reputable source. Read the case-study of how they did it, and the results here.

To find out more about the processes, results and examples of IBM's content strategy, read the full article on the Contently blog here.