Examples of Great B2B Content Marketing Hubs

Here's a roundup of great B2B content marketing hubs. They were chosen as examples of B2B brands who are regularly publishing and promoting their content, rather than pushing out campaigns. They achieve a level of content marketing effectiveness that Craig Davis, former Chief Creative Officer at J. Walter Thompson succinctly defined:

We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”

1: American Express OPEN Forum

Launched six years ago, the OPEN forum by American Express is one of the oldest examples of social content marketing. All the content is aimed at issues faced by SME businesses, and there is a very established network of other business owners who you can tap into for peer advice.

The OPEN forum is now the main source for inbound leads for their small business card. Through steady investment in growth, they have shown an ROI over time.

2. Intel IQ

Technology and innovation are well-worn topics on the web. Intel have differentiated themselves by focusing on more personal perspectives with clean design and a sharp sense of story telling.

3. Content Loop from Cap Gemini

This site uses licensed content from big-name publishers. The content is posted into LinkedIn groups for distribution. When someone clicks on the link in LinkedIn, it takes them through to this site where the article is hosted. Visitors are invited to follow the Content Loop on Linkedin, are given access to further thought leadership content and are invited to connect directly with Cap Gemini consultants.


4. Real Business from Xerox

Xerox started small, with a hub focused on healthcare. The quality of their content soon developed a substantial following in the healthcare community, and convinced Xerox to expand the offering into other areas of their business focus. The expanded hub - Real Business - shows how an editorial direction can effectively be driven by a brand's value proposition.

5. Business Innovation from SAP

SAP's content hub has gravitas. This is their mission statement:

SAP Business Innovation’s mission is to help executives develop a deeper understanding of the trends affecting the future of business through fact-based executive research, supplemented by the latest thinking from expert bloggers.

It's clearly aimed at answering early-stage search questions for its audience and the design has clear calls to action for site conversion.