Classic Copywriting Edicts

A few sales-copy classics to remind us what we're here for...

"The first 10 words are more important than the next ten thousand." — Elmer Sizzle Wheeler

"Specifics sell. Generalities don't." — Andrew J Byrne

"The hell with your grass seed, what about my lawn?" - old saying

"The offer should be so attractive only a lunatic would say no."  - Claude Hopkins

Sentences longer than 29 words are extremely difficult to comprehend. - Fact

“Some headlines are “blind.’ They don’t say what the product is, or what it will do for you. They are about 20 per cent below average in recall.” —David Ogilvy

“The headline selects the reader.” —Axel Andersson

"Get to the point, refraining from cute or obtusely clever.  Making obscure references may make you feel smart but it makes them feel stupid and that’s a bad place to take a potential customer. You’ll lose ‘em that very second. — Carol Worthington-Levy

"Remember that every headline has one job. It must stop your prospects with a believable promise.” —John Caples