Free Data Visualisation Tools

There are many free data visualisation tools available on the web now. This is a roundup of some of the current crop which are making the visualisation of data easier and more creative. is for data what Squarespace is for web design. It's interface is incredibly easy to use, and the options create visually compelling charts which can be interactive. The free version saves your charts to a web page. $18 per month upgrades your account so you can set up real-time data feeds and download the charts you create.

You can also add charts and information together to create interactive infographics

Try it out here:

Sunburst Chart Generator

Here's a free online tool to generate sunburst charts. Sunbursts are used to present data that has a hierarchical structure.

Try it for free here:

Sequences Sunburst

This javascript requires a developer to help with the setup. It's used to visualise sequences of events. A series of user journeys through a website is the example used here.

The script is interactive, so you can roll-over different segments to see the relative popularity of different routes through the site being analysed.

What's Better than an Infographic?

An infographic on infographics! HubSpot have done it again and below, the image shows just how darn effective one of these suckers can be - and why we love them. Humans are very visual creatures and with 40% of people responding better to visuals than plain text, we can all start to get graphic.