When is a Lead Ready for Sales?

This excellent article by Bob Apollo presents an analysis of recent research by Sirius Decisions on when leads generated by marketing are considered 'sales ready'.

You can read the full article on the Customer Think blog here. Here's a summary of the five levels of lead scoring, and the percentage of companies using them:

1:  Any contact is a lead. According to the research, 28% of leads are just handed over to sales at this stage without any attempt at qualification

2: The contact is the right person in the right organisation. The research found that 25% leads are handed over at this level

3: As 1 + 2, but a need has also been identified. 25% of leads were found to fall into this category

4: As 1 + 2 + 3 + requirements have been defined. Only 10% of leads made the prospect’s requirements clear

5: All of the above, plus the lead is BANT qualified. BANT stands for Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe. 10% of leads were found to be fully BANT qualified

Read the full article on the Customer Think blog here.

52 Secrets to Marketing Automation Success

This white paper by Awareness Software from 2013 contains the collective intelligence and insights from Marketing Automation visionaries at the time on the state and the future of the marketing automation.

Awareness contacted 10 Marketing Automation experts, including those
from leading Marketing Automation providers such as Eloqua and Marketo,
strategists from consulting firms including Jonathan Block and Jay Famico of
SiriusDecisions, David Raab of Raab Associates, and Marshall Lager of Third
Idea Consulting, and front-line CTOs like Mark Lazen of Social Media Today,
to collect their insights in six key areas.

1: The state of marketing automation

2: The impact of social media platforms

3: The importance of integrating social data

4: Reconciling big data with social and customer data

5: Advances in targeting and outreach

6: 2013 Marketing Automation predictions

Download the white paper here