iOS vs. Android - is that the Real Debate?

When running a marketing campaign there are huge amounts of issues and concerns that a marketer needs to consider.  Not just the development of an appropriate marketing mix, but how a campaign is targeted in an era where individuals have an average of 2.3 devices. 

In order to target effectively, a marketing manager needs to know how their audience likes to get their daily fix of media across which devices

Ad targeting company, Drawbridge, analysed data from one billion consumers to paint a picture of the new media landscape:

·      Women prefer iOS devices

·      iPhone users who also have tablets tend to have iPads

·      Android phone users are less loyal with only 44% using Android tablets (compared to 78% above)

·      Android tablets are more popular in Germany than any other country in Europe

There are some more stats that you can read here.  However, the key point to take away from any report is that the days of traditional ad buying are dwindling.  To run an effective campaign a brand needs to target individuals, regardless of the device they’re using.  Then a manager can focus on the tracking, focus on the measurement and focus on the results to manoeuvre a campaign in real time.