Coupons still make an impact

If you have two supermarkets side by side, how do you decide which one to go to? Is it the one closest? Or the cheapest? Sometimes you can be swayed by which one shows they value you the most. Asda may have cheaper prices, but Sainsbury's have the Nectar card scheme, allowing customers to collect points and gain money-off vouchers too.

Customers feel good as though they're saving money, even though it might be more expensive, HubSpot argue that coupons can be powerful for customer retention, which is just one of their uses. They can also gain feedback, target audiences, promote new products and attract new customers. And digital coupons are on the rise with their use having increased 13% since 2011.

Below is an infographic from Creative Guerrilla Marketing shows how impactful coupons can be in digital campaigns.