Is Content Really King?

Recently we have been working on an integrated campaign - B2B and B2C - where content was integral to the plan. This was for a financial services client who had a wealth of market and subject expertise. The client got behind the idea, and there was lots of internal discussion about the content that they could provide from their internal subject experts.

Launch time came, but no usable content was forthcoming. We advised strongly that we didn't want to waste money on generating traffic to a landing page without any content to fulfill with. Whilst the client was understanding, there was also a drive to get out into the market and establish a presence, so the decision was taken to launch, and ask landing page visitors for their details to arrange a meeting to discuss their needs.

So we generated lots of traffic, but limped along at under 1% conversion for all visitors to the landing page. Our model was relying on an aggressive 8% conversion rate for the landing page. This was worrying, as our ROI immediately looked very poor.

Finally, the content was worked up and we reworked the landing page to put it behind the response form, so visitors could only download it if they gave us their contact information and permission to contact them. Overnight, the conversion rate for the landing page visitors increased to 4%. Over the following week, this rose to 8% where it has stayed ever since.

So, from first hand experience, we can whole-heartedly agree with this quote from Gary Vaynerchuk.