Results of Avon Motorsport Website Redesign

Essential to this redesign, was showing the sheer breadth of the Avon Motorsport range in a more logical way. Firstly, we created a much clearer and more intuitive navigation system for the full range of Road legal, Motorsport, and Historic tyres and enhanced the search functionality.

We incorporated an international Dealer Locator, and an easily navigable ‘Resource Centre’. Covering everything from tyre applications, ordering procedures, fitment guides, and safety information.

Download the full case study here

Highlight results were as follows:

Visit duration of 0-10seconds

2011 – 72%

2013 – 40%

 Visit Duration of 181-600seconds

2011 – 0.4%

2013 – 20%


Organic search visitors to the site increased by 48%

58% reduction on bounce rate

169% increase in pages visited

Average time on site up 317% from 58seconds to 4.01mins on average

Bounce rate reduced from 70% to 37%

Average page visits increased 2.5 to 4.9

The homepage had its ‘exit’ page count reduced from 98% to 24% or 2,916 to 665 times

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