Killer Statistics for LinkedIn Publishing Success

Paul Shapiro from Search Wilderness looked at 3,000 of LinkedIn’s most successful blog posts to get insights into what makes a successful LinkedIn post. Each post, on average, attracted 42,505 views, 567 comments and 138,841 likes. The results were published by OkDork.

Here are the highlights.


Articles between 1,900 and 2,000 words got the most shares and likes

Posts considered “easy” as ranked by the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Score got the most shares and likes. That means aiming your copy at a reading age of 11 years old. See our previous posting on the importance of keeping it simple.

Posts with neutral sentiment got the most shares and likes. Make your post balanced and factual, rather than opinionated one way or the other.


Posts with titles between 30 and 40 characters long got the most views.

Readers love images. 8 per post got the most shares and likes, views and comments.

Similar trends to those seen in direct mail attention span studies show up here. Readers like their body copy broken up with lots of sub-headings.

Thursday was the number one day to post, but interestingly, Sunday was the second best performer.

Read the full blogged report by Mark Shapiro here.