The Ongoing Net Neutrality Debate

The concept of a free Internet is one we’re all used to.  We all know that we can set up our own web page, blog, twitter account etc. without much hassle.  But is this concept in jeopardy?

The debate on Net Neutrality and whether corporations should be allowed to sell ‘fast track’ web access to paying users has been talked about since the dawn of the World Wide Web.

Discussions are heating up and it’s worth staying abreast of what’s being talked about.  This article in The Guardian gives an excellent overview of a digital discussion, which could impact principles many consumers take for granted.

1.     ISPs are discussing charging content providers to deliver a fast track service to their audience (Netflix for example will stream quicker than other services because of this)

2.     4 million people in the US wrote to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to voice concerns over Net Neutrality

3.     Obama got involved and made a speech suggesting that the FCC should create a new set of rules to protect Net Neutrality - you can read about his principles on the White House website

This could turn into a morality discussion as it crosses the lines between what’s right and what’s profitable for a corporation.  Will the Internet go the same way as the high street with big-brand chains being able to afford a more prominent position? We’ll have to see what 2015 holds. 

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