How AI will change the advertising world

This recent article by The Guardian explains how the face of advertising is changing due to consumers’ desire to be interacted with at a more personal level.

The article explains how this change in consumption has led to a development in the use of artificial intelligence within advertising, with advertisements adapting depending on the reaction of those in the near vicinity. Personalisation is key.

There is a stack of fascinating insights within the article, including:

Human interaction is decreasing

By 2020, not only will 80% of the global population be able to access the Internet using smartphones, 85% of customers will manage their relationships without ever talking to a human.’

The consumer process model has changed.

"Times are changing - In the past, casting a wide net in the hope of converting some consumers to take action worked. The infamous purchase funnel model of awareness, interest, desire and action was the bible for many marketers. But this model was created in 1898."

Market to a small percentage of consumers, in a personalised way, rather than a large percentage in an impersonal way.

 "Instead of trying to reach 100%, target the 5%. Flip the funnel metaphor on its head."

Machines can now learn our taste in products and genres, meaning marketing agencies have less to do.

"We now have to do more with less. Less money, less people, less time."