In Pursuit of 'WOW!'

Recently we received a brief from a client for a global web project. They asked us to show them some current sites we thought had the WOW factor.

Here are our top 4.



Beautiful, clean design and stunning photography. We love the way the performance stats roll onto the screen when you scroll down.



This is all you'd expect from a high-end audio brand like Bang & Olufsen. A cool, crisp homepage signposts the various areas of the site.

But the presentation of the H8 headphones is where this site really shows what it's got. We love the reveal of the full screen video with copy overlaid as you scroll down.

This is design, copy, video and audio working in perfect harmony.


Into the Arctic

This site from Greenpeace has a big story to tell. The user journey through interactive maps, tabs of overlaid information and web journals is a great example of interactive techniques employed to make that story engaging and compelling.



This site from a Cleethorpes based cycle shop isn't big budget or pushing any boundaries. It is however a crisp, clean example of a scrolling paralax site. We love the bikes too...


What Floats Your Boat?

Have you recently visited any sites that had the WOW factor? If so, share them with us in the comments box below.


B2B Mobile Browsing Statistics

We've been using responsive design for our B2C websites for a while now, but are often asked if this is as relevant for a B2B audience. Below are some industry statistics to help answer this.

From our experience, it's definitely worth looking at your own Google statistics, as different audiences vary, depending on the sector you work in. For example, over the last year, the mobile audience has increased 67% for a technology client, whereas it's only grown by 8.21% for a client selling employee pensions and benefits advice.

This makes sense when you think that the person looking for employee benefits is most likely to be the company secretary or HR, both of whom are more likely to still be using desktop PCs for their every day tasks.

Here are some current industry benchmark figures from various sources to help in your decision making: